The harvest to come

‘You reap what you sow’…..popular quote

Having grown up partly in an urban setting and partly in a rural setting, I achieved and observed the skills of farming.  There would be the tilling of the fields, often after the first rains, then the planting of the seeds, followed by an expectation of more rain for the first shootings of the seedlings. The next steps would require, attention, more rain, some weed protection and of course eventually a harvesting time.

The amount of the harvest was always an interesting result. With many factors affecting, weather, seasons, labour, and ofcouse maintenance of the crop that was planted.

Had the ground not been tilled, there would have been nowhere to plant/sow, had the rain not fallen, seedlings would struggle to shoot up.  Farmers in those areas and parts of the world, did not have world class, sophisticated farming equipment.  They relied on little or none knowledge of detailed weather forecast, or own any supplementary equipment for farming, e.g irrigation pipes for the fields in times of drought.  But what mattered the most is the envisioning of the harvest.

Every farmer planted with hope, for a harvest, a bumper harvest.  Some areas held competitions of the most harvested fields and this was motivational at its best.

In today’s life, I watch my time, and wonder how am I planting, what am i investing in?  We are a product of our interests, what we sow in season has a harvest coming. What we invest, tend and entertain has a season of reaping.  A shortcut in the process of progress would mean damaging to all your work and harm to your intended results/harvest. Once you have prepared for and planted for a great result (bumper harvest) you do not leave your investment/plants exposed to would be devours.

Everyday, we leave our harvest open to devours, by not protecting our sowing.  Your sowing  will result in some sort of harvest. Whether good or bad, worth mentioning or not.  Success and failure are broadcasted always, for different reasons and your efforts, or lack of will somehow find its way attached to your name.  Because your life is a harvest of  the many seeds you have sown and you will sow.

Your talents, your abilities, interests, ideas are your seeds for the harvest that is the result of these combined.

Your weaknesses, can act against your intended results, therefore keep these in check always and aim at improving yourself, in skill, act and planning.

It is up to you to reap great rewards or be the one who remains at the start of the cycle. With your seeds in your hands and no progress in terms of

  1. tilling the ground
  2. planting of seed
  3. upkeep and care of seed
  4. protection of seed
  5. harvest

No steps can be skipped in achieving a  great harvest from all that you plant in life.

Keep planting and maintain your harvest goals (promoting your goals and working on your weaknesses).

Where you aim to be is a result of the seed/idea you have, how you nurture it ,how much time and attention given to your sowing.  Eventually your harvest season expectations will be fulfilled.




The season of a storm

‘They shall fight against you but they shall not prevail’….Bible Scripture

Battles will surely come in your life, you will face adversity, challenges, targets that seem  hard to be achievable and sometimes hindrances will also arise.

When these obstacles and episodes come into our lives, it will seem like a storm has suddenly taken over your normal course of life. You will find most routines unmanageable, and getting through the desired daily tasks a hard and impossible mission, because you are in the midst of a storm.

According to some definitions, a storm is a disturbed state of an environment (  When you find your usual environment disturbed, your plans brought to a halt, your judgement and decisions challenged.  You could potentially be going through a storm.

Most meteorological offices give storms a name. Remember that always,  your storm has a name. The challenges you face have a name, the obstacles before you have a name.  Name your storm and get familiar with a survival plan to it.

Some storms, give signs and warnings before they arrive to disturb your environment some will just awaken you in a short space of time, by storming your environment!  No matter how prepared and advanced modern weather centers are, they have at times failed to foretell the strength and potential damage a storm can cause.

Such can be the same with life’s storms we face at times.  Where we  know of our next challenges, but however the damage and preparation needed for these are never easy to predict.  The best way to be able to withstand a storm is to PREPARE for the next one, and take lessons from the previous one.

*Keep your mind alert, be at the top of your game, research your material and know your environment. Know your strengths and weaknesses, your team and those that are not on your team.

*Ask for help when necessary, you can never reach goals or be able to handle storms on your own, you will need help in keeping your environment safe and ready for storms, from the beginning, during and after.

*Do not doubt the power of your abilities, your senses, your strengths, weaknesses are all supposed to work together for the good of your environment, your work, your studies, your family, your plans.

*Do not be afraid to learn, the source of your storm, the reason why you are having a storm in this season of your life, and also how and when there is going to be an end to this disturbance

*You are your own hero, in the sense that, you cannot wait to be rescued, Yes you will need assistance, but help will be potentially unavailable to a mind that does not want to work towards rearranging their environment, during, or after a storm.

*Always have a plan B. If plan A fails, what will you do?

*Be realistic in your approach to storms in life, and always take notes, each one is a lesson, perfectly suited for you.

There are several storms that will come into your life, be assured that after every challenge, disturbance and obstacle, you will surely come out the other end a survivor and have gained more strength from the experience!






Unique and Amazing

Monday Motivation

You are not an anything goes person, you have choices and decisions that are different from the next person.
Your DNA contributes to the difference in the world. You bring to the table more than the next person.
You have a stamp of approval that is uniquely yours and cannot be matched.
Never conform to the world, never be made a statistic by others.
The more you realise your precious value, the higher your ranking in self esteem.



Decisions based on Christ

Be transformed by the renewing of the mind…(Romans12:2)
Receive Christ…(Colossions 2:6)

Making Spirit filled, bible inspired decisions is one of the daily challenges we face as christians.

All our decisions are to be scripture inspired. We should always be aligned with the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.  The Holy Spirit teaches us, by the word of God and inspiration, how to live for Christ.

Are we still human beings? 100% yes, do we make mistakes, most definitely. But the biggest spiritual development we can have is allowing Jesus Christ into our decisions, ALL the time.

Recently I was facing a major decision that would alter my future. I had a lot of compromising to do as I considered facts and possibilities.

As I pondered on in my thoughts, I sensed a small still voice saying to me ‘receive Christ’.

I was confused because  I am a born again, spirit filled,bible believing, demon chasing child of God! But again the message from the Holy Spirit was clear, ‘Receive Christ’.

What the lesson for me here was, this decision has to be Christ centred, a decision that is Christ centred hurts the flesh, promotes your Spirit.

A decision that is flesh centred pleases the flesh and damages the Spirit, and Spiritual Growth!

Whatever decisions you may face, receive Christ, in every step!

(c) Swordqueenword

Clipped wings, fear that grounds you

A chicken has wings, they are used for many things, including expressing its moods, sheltering the chicks from any danger and having a chicken run (exercise). Try chasing it and it will raise its wings in protest or ready to make a run from your advances.

Not all wings are for flying some give your comfort and shelter. Some help you express yourself.

Not all your plans, dreams and adventures will be successful. Not all your prayers will get answered. Not all your interviews will be successful. Not all races will be won. Not all ventures will prosper.

But the most disappointing feedback is ‘I was afraid to try’.

Fear grounds us, we forget we even have opportunities. Opportunities to try, to have a go at living our dreams, to run the race before us.  Fear tells us we cannot do it, we will never do it, we will fall flat on our face in the trial stages. Fear tells us no one has ever done it before, who are you to try? Fear tells us we are under-qualified, we are overqualified, we do not have the abilities, we cannot complete the task at hand.

Fear will whisper what will people say? What will they think of your actions? And worse when failure comes what will they conclude about you, your actions and your personality? Fear is stopping before the race, remaining behind the start line, and crying foul, when in actual fact you did not try to run the race!  Fear is failure to launch, launch into what potential you have whether it will be successful or not, you would at least have made moves towards your dreams.

When they are reporting the end results of an athletics game, they show all the names of participants on the board, they show who ran the race.  When the race ends, you will see a highlight of the top 3 athletes and the countries/areas represented.  When you are fearful you have failed to even make it to this board of participants, you have trained, gathered momentum and remained behind the starting line!

When you let fear go you are giving yourself a chance. A chance to learn, to have experience, to succeed. And a chance to also fail. Failure will not be the end of it all, you can try again, you can learn from the experience, restart and regroup your ideas, plans and options.

Being fearful to start will ground you.  The only fear you should have is being grounded, by fear.

‘The race, is not for the swift’…Bible Scripture




Faith Swordqueen

The Brilliance of individuality

‘No one can make you feel inferior without your consent’, Eleanor Roosevelt

There is so much competition and comparison in this image and outward appearance rating world. Many people are focusing on how to look better or more attractive as well as achieving goals set by others, in order to keep up with some levels of ‘social achievements’

In the middle of all this many are losing their own identities, abilities and much needed unique talents that can contribute to communities. If we are all to have the same thought pattern, same houses, same clothing and same lifestyles, then surely the world would be a rather tedious place.

Genetic fingerprinting, which involves body tissues, fluids that are used to identify individuals, is detailed in identifying evidence that relate to YOU specifically as a human being. That is the uniqueness of the Billions of human beings on this earth. You have your own identification specific to your body tissues and fluids.

A bible scripture mentions that our Creator knows the very number of the hairs on our head. That is a form of DNA that can only be identified with much scrutiny and research!

Now with all this uniqueness, we still find many individuals trying to morph into other people, races, class and cultures. Yes you can be inspired by the next person, but becoming an extension of their likes and choices is not what your individuality entails.

You are meant to bring fresh views to this world, bring ideas that will catapult humanity to shifting levels of development, advancing and redesigning of modern day living.

Your abilities are unique, your views, your opinions, your choices and path of life. All these as long as they are within reason and ethical, will be a present to this world, only if you believe in yourself.

Stop feeling intimidated by other’s success, instead be inspired and find your passion and drive through your interests. Applaud others but come up with your own avenues of making it in life.

Never underestimate the power of your your own individuality. You are different for a reason, different to the next person.


Faith Swordqyn

Within You?

As  you think in your heart, so you Are ( bible scripture).

Many a times people are very concerned about their image,  how you look, dress and present yourself to the world.  There is nothing wrong with having a polished appearance, nothing wrong with following or making trends in the fashion world. Nothing wrong with grooming and etiquette, all in moderate dosages, will help you present an image of yourself to the world.

But how are you dressed under the layers that the eye does not meet? I am talking about your thoughts, your inner desires, views and meditations. How is your heart? What thoughts run through your mind? How do you react to people, nature and  animals around you?

The heart, which governs the mind, and consists of the very life we live, has to be dressed as well, it has to be filled with a lot of positive thinking, altered gradually as you build an inner image that will reflect in how you talk, react, respond and in all your conduct.

You cannot dress up a wounded heart, because you only pour out what is within you.  Bitterness, anger and  hatred are often pouring out of wounded hearts, subtle or audible, its not difficult to pick out tones of wounded souls.

Hurt people do not build others, they want to focus on themselves only, because they are bleeding inside and would like attention and help. Lashing out or being reclusive can be signs of inner wounds that are in need of attention.

One of the best materials to assist in healing, and dressing the heart for a positive outlook at life, and improvement of character is reading!

By reading books, of a positive nature, you are filling your heart, with so much energy that will  exhibit in your speech, actions and reactions.  A bitter heart does not forgive, a heart with no forgiveness builds up a growth that blinds the eyes. You should find forgiveness in your heart always, not for the other person, but for the heart, you carry within you, to be free of heaviness.

Surrounding yourself with like minded positive thinkers is also key to you progressing in your developed thought pattern. The company you keep contributes to your views, desires, decisions and inner/outer image. The term guilty by association is loosely used, but carries a lot of weight. So be careful whom you chose to be surrounded with.

Start by revising your words, actions and attitude to arrive at the decision to improve, rearrange and promote positive thinking, for an image of yourself that is presentable to the world,  inside (your thoughts) and outside (your visible self)!


Faith Swordqueen



Hello world!


I am excited to be starting this blog.

I will share with you my views, opinions and general analyses on the world, with a sprinkle of scripture to lean on, encourage, uplift, thought provoke and above all motivate. I will have humor, deep sense and  out of the box topics that will hopefully leave all of us with a different, positive outlook to our daily lives.

Remember to follow my Social network pages, Bear with me as I build up the blog and other pages.


Faith Swordqueen