The season of a storm

‘They shall fight against you but they shall not prevail’….Bible Scripture

Battles will surely come in your life, you will face adversity, challenges, targets that seem  hard to be achievable and sometimes hindrances will also arise.

When these obstacles and episodes come into our lives, it will seem like a storm has suddenly taken over your normal course of life. You will find most routines unmanageable, and getting through the desired daily tasks a hard and impossible mission, because you are in the midst of a storm.

According to some definitions, a storm is a disturbed state of an environment (  When you find your usual environment disturbed, your plans brought to a halt, your judgement and decisions challenged.  You could potentially be going through a storm.

Most meteorological offices give storms a name. Remember that always,  your storm has a name. The challenges you face have a name, the obstacles before you have a name.  Name your storm and get familiar with a survival plan to it.

Some storms, give signs and warnings before they arrive to disturb your environment some will just awaken you in a short space of time, by storming your environment!  No matter how prepared and advanced modern weather centers are, they have at times failed to foretell the strength and potential damage a storm can cause.

Such can be the same with life’s storms we face at times.  Where we  know of our next challenges, but however the damage and preparation needed for these are never easy to predict.  The best way to be able to withstand a storm is to PREPARE for the next one, and take lessons from the previous one.

*Keep your mind alert, be at the top of your game, research your material and know your environment. Know your strengths and weaknesses, your team and those that are not on your team.

*Ask for help when necessary, you can never reach goals or be able to handle storms on your own, you will need help in keeping your environment safe and ready for storms, from the beginning, during and after.

*Do not doubt the power of your abilities, your senses, your strengths, weaknesses are all supposed to work together for the good of your environment, your work, your studies, your family, your plans.

*Do not be afraid to learn, the source of your storm, the reason why you are having a storm in this season of your life, and also how and when there is going to be an end to this disturbance

*You are your own hero, in the sense that, you cannot wait to be rescued, Yes you will need assistance, but help will be potentially unavailable to a mind that does not want to work towards rearranging their environment, during, or after a storm.

*Always have a plan B. If plan A fails, what will you do?

*Be realistic in your approach to storms in life, and always take notes, each one is a lesson, perfectly suited for you.

There are several storms that will come into your life, be assured that after every challenge, disturbance and obstacle, you will surely come out the other end a survivor and have gained more strength from the experience!