Clipped wings, fear that grounds you

A chicken has wings, they are used for many things, including expressing its moods, sheltering the chicks from any danger and having a chicken run (exercise). Try chasing it and it will raise its wings in protest or ready to make a run from your advances.

Not all wings are for flying some give your comfort and shelter. Some help you express yourself.

Not all your plans, dreams and adventures will be successful. Not all your prayers will get answered. Not all your interviews will be successful. Not all races will be won. Not all ventures will prosper.

But the most disappointing feedback is ‘I was afraid to try’.

Fear grounds us, we forget we even have opportunities. Opportunities to try, to have a go at living our dreams, to run the race before us.  Fear tells us we cannot do it, we will never do it, we will fall flat on our face in the trial stages. Fear tells us no one has ever done it before, who are you to try? Fear tells us we are under-qualified, we are overqualified, we do not have the abilities, we cannot complete the task at hand.

Fear will whisper what will people say? What will they think of your actions? And worse when failure comes what will they conclude about you, your actions and your personality? Fear is stopping before the race, remaining behind the start line, and crying foul, when in actual fact you did not try to run the race!  Fear is failure to launch, launch into what potential you have whether it will be successful or not, you would at least have made moves towards your dreams.

When they are reporting the end results of an athletics game, they show all the names of participants on the board, they show who ran the race.  When the race ends, you will see a highlight of the top 3 athletes and the countries/areas represented.  When you are fearful you have failed to even make it to this board of participants, you have trained, gathered momentum and remained behind the starting line!

When you let fear go you are giving yourself a chance. A chance to learn, to have experience, to succeed. And a chance to also fail. Failure will not be the end of it all, you can try again, you can learn from the experience, restart and regroup your ideas, plans and options.

Being fearful to start will ground you.  The only fear you should have is being grounded, by fear.

‘The race, is not for the swift’…Bible Scripture




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