Decisions based on Christ

Be transformed by the renewing of the mind…(Romans12:2)
Receive Christ…(Colossions 2:6)

Making Spirit filled, bible inspired decisions is one of the daily challenges we face as christians.

All our decisions are to be scripture inspired. We should always be aligned with the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.  The Holy Spirit teaches us, by the word of God and inspiration, how to live for Christ.

Are we still human beings? 100% yes, do we make mistakes, most definitely. But the biggest spiritual development we can have is allowing Jesus Christ into our decisions, ALL the time.

Recently I was facing a major decision that would alter my future. I had a lot of compromising to do as I considered facts and possibilities.

As I pondered on in my thoughts, I sensed a small still voice saying to me ‘receive Christ’.

I was confused because¬† I am a born again, spirit filled,bible believing, demon chasing child of God! But again the message from the Holy Spirit was clear, ‘Receive Christ’.

What the lesson for me here was, this decision has to be Christ centred, a decision that is Christ centred hurts the flesh, promotes your Spirit.

A decision that is flesh centred pleases the flesh and damages the Spirit, and Spiritual Growth!

Whatever decisions you may face, receive Christ, in every step!

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