Within You?

As  you think in your heart, so you Are ( bible scripture).

Many a times people are very concerned about their image,  how you look, dress and present yourself to the world.  There is nothing wrong with having a polished appearance, nothing wrong with following or making trends in the fashion world. Nothing wrong with grooming and etiquette, all in moderate dosages, will help you present an image of yourself to the world.

But how are you dressed under the layers that the eye does not meet? I am talking about your thoughts, your inner desires, views and meditations. How is your heart? What thoughts run through your mind? How do you react to people, nature and  animals around you?

The heart, which governs the mind, and consists of the very life we live, has to be dressed as well, it has to be filled with a lot of positive thinking, altered gradually as you build an inner image that will reflect in how you talk, react, respond and in all your conduct.

You cannot dress up a wounded heart, because you only pour out what is within you.  Bitterness, anger and  hatred are often pouring out of wounded hearts, subtle or audible, its not difficult to pick out tones of wounded souls.

Hurt people do not build others, they want to focus on themselves only, because they are bleeding inside and would like attention and help. Lashing out or being reclusive can be signs of inner wounds that are in need of attention.

One of the best materials to assist in healing, and dressing the heart for a positive outlook at life, and improvement of character is reading!

By reading books, of a positive nature, you are filling your heart, with so much energy that will  exhibit in your speech, actions and reactions.  A bitter heart does not forgive, a heart with no forgiveness builds up a growth that blinds the eyes. You should find forgiveness in your heart always, not for the other person, but for the heart, you carry within you, to be free of heaviness.

Surrounding yourself with like minded positive thinkers is also key to you progressing in your developed thought pattern. The company you keep contributes to your views, desires, decisions and inner/outer image. The term guilty by association is loosely used, but carries a lot of weight. So be careful whom you chose to be surrounded with.

Start by revising your words, actions and attitude to arrive at the decision to improve, rearrange and promote positive thinking, for an image of yourself that is presentable to the world,  inside (your thoughts) and outside (your visible self)!


Faith Swordqueen



7 thoughts on “Within You?

  1. Bright Kuzora says:

    Wawol so true. Sometimes we drown ourselves and swamp ourselves with people who want to be healed. Which in turn becomes a heavy burden to carry. I second the process of healing that should happen to someone on their own without a dependence syndrome.

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