The Brilliance of individuality

‘No one can make you feel inferior without your consent’, Eleanor Roosevelt

There is so much competition and comparison in this image and outward appearance rating world. Many people are focusing on how to look better or more attractive as well as achieving goals set by others, in order to keep up with some levels of ‘social achievements’

In the middle of all this many are losing their own identities, abilities and much needed unique talents that can contribute to communities. If we are all to have the same thought pattern, same houses, same clothing and same lifestyles, then surely the world would be a rather tedious place.

Genetic fingerprinting, which involves body tissues, fluids that are used to identify individuals, is detailed in identifying evidence that relate to YOU specifically as a human being. That is the uniqueness of the Billions of human beings on this earth. You have your own identification specific to your body tissues and fluids.

A bible scripture mentions that our Creator knows the very number of the hairs on our head. That is a form of DNA that can only be identified with much scrutiny and research!

Now with all this uniqueness, we still find many individuals trying to morph into other people, races, class and cultures. Yes you can be inspired by the next person, but becoming an extension of their likes and choices is not what your individuality entails.

You are meant to bring fresh views to this world, bring ideas that will catapult humanity to shifting levels of development, advancing and redesigning of modern day living.

Your abilities are unique, your views, your opinions, your choices and path of life. All these as long as they are within reason and ethical, will be a present to this world, only if you believe in yourself.

Stop feeling intimidated by other’s success, instead be inspired and find your passion and drive through your interests. Applaud others but come up with your own avenues of making it in life.

Never underestimate the power of your your own individuality. You are different for a reason, different to the next person.


Faith Swordqyn

9 thoughts on “The Brilliance of individuality

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